Lost Ark will temporarily close its servers for maintenance

The release of Lost Ark in the West has occurred with server problems. The long queues have caused inconvenience among the gaming community, who are having trouble accessing the games. Meanwhile, Smilegate continues to work on solving the errors and has just announced a new break in the servers to carry out maintenance tasks and introduce the new hotfix. The operation will start today February 17th at 8:59 am (CET)/ 23:59 PT/7:59 UTC.

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When does the Lost Ark maintenance period end?

As reported by the study in a tweet, the maintenance tasks will last approximately 3 hours. This means that the Lost Ark will be inaccessible until approximately 12:00 noon (CET), although at FreeGameTips we will update this news as soon as the servers reopen.

Smilegate and Amazon Studios have also revealed that they are going to open a new server region in the Old Continent: “We have launched the preliminary work to open the new server region in Europe, called West Europe. Once the maintenance is complete, you will be able to see this region selection tab but these servers will not be available right away.”

Faced with all these vicissitudes, the studio published a statement to explain what happened. In his words, the great popularity of the video game “has caused queues in all regions ranging from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands.” The team responsible for the servers has been working intensively with Smilegate and has pushed “the existing servers to the absolute limit of their capacity”. It will not be possible to add more capacity, so they will solve it by opening new ones.

Lost Ark is an action role-playing MMO developed by Smilegate. Although it debuted in 2019 in Asia, it has not been until now that the game has seen the light of day in Europe, the United States, and Latin America.

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