Keto has been in the hype since last year. Many people have shed 100 pounds by opting for this diet. But there are always cons and pros of lifestyle you opt for. The only solution to a healthy lifestyle is to stay active. Here in this article, you will get to know what is good and what is bad for your health after opting Keto Diet. So scroll down for low carb pros and cons

The ketogenic diet which is also known as Keto diet is a high-fat and low carb intake diet. It lets you have high-fat food thus put off your weight like anything. This diet puts your body in a state of ketosis that burns your body fat and uses as energy. You can simply aim to set up a target and you will achieve it through this diet. So let us discuss the pros and cons of this low carb diet.


  • It helps you lose weight. Usually, your body burns carbohydrates for energy but in this diet, you will limit carbohydrates so that your body will burn fat to use energy. Also, a high-fat diet will lower your craving and hunger.
  • Perfect for the office workers. For the people who spend most of their time on the desk and hardly have tough routine can opt for this diet. As your body doesn’t need many carbs and you will stay active throughout.
  • Some studies show that a low carb diet can play a vital role to prevent you from cancer. But more research has to be done so it can not be claimed. 


  • If you are an athlete so you will require a high carb diet as you will not have much energy to perform your routine. By following keto diet you will not get much energy and endurance. Therefore, a high carb diet is necessary for athletes.
  • If you will not take carbs glucose will not enter your bloodstream and it will make you feel low. Also, your brain will not respond correctly which will cause a lack of focus.