Luis Díaz and the criticism of Carlos A. Vélez: ‘it helped to ‘take care’ of Colombia’

Luis Díaz’s first game with Liverpool sparked a majority interest in English football among Colombians. The laudatory comments on social networks while ‘Lucho’ jumped onto the grass of the Anfield stadium were constant. However, it wasn’t all flowers.

Through his Twitter account, Carlos Antonio Vélez, a journalist from ‘RCN’, shared the slightly bittersweet feeling left by the debut of Díaz in British football.

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“Excellent debut! Diaz did not need many minutes to present credentials his quality at Liverpool… he played 33 minutes with assistance, asking for the ball and coming back to score… as if he had been there a long time ago..”, Vélez commented at the entrance.

Then, making Alluding to the pale presentation of the Colombian National Team last Tuesday against Argentina, the journalist pointed out: “ It was worth ‘taking care of yourself’ in the National Team games!”