Luis Díaz: the hard blow to his knee that set off alarms in Liverpool

In the midst of the joy for Luis Díaz’s debut, the moment in which one of his rivals stepped on his knee to the point that it bled represented a large dose of anguish.

The Colombian lay on the ground with a grimace of agony after having unsuccessfully attempted a header. It was there that an opponent stepped on him.

“Welcome to English football”, summed up the newspaper ‘The Mirror’ about that moment.

At the time, the The reaction of Jürgen Klopp, his coach, did not let him think good things. Now, it seems, the feeling is more parsimonious.


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What Klopp said after the coup

“He has a bruise on his knee. He has his first assist and he has his first scar. I don’t think it’s serious,” the German coach said at the press conference after the game.

“Okay, thank God! We were shocked when he fell, I saw the big guy stand on his knee. But it’s just a bruise and we said ‘welcome to England!’ , commented after.