Manage to recover a fortune in Bitcoin with the help of hackers

This young woman, who lives in the US state of Illinois, bought six bitcoins in 2013, when they cost about 80 dollars (60 euros) each and, as we can see from their price, no one has yet I knew the impact it was going to have on society.

“I used to listen to a radio show and they started talking about crypto and Bitcoin, so I got interested,” she says. Back then it was very difficult to buy it, but I groped my way and bought my coins.”

With a certain rise that she experienced at that time, our protagonist decided to spend part and the rest was forgotten. However, here comes the problem. Bitcoin value rose to almost 20,000 dollars at the end of 2017.

This is when Rhonda decides to take all the remaining money out of her, but she was missing some of her bitcoin wallet login details.

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“I then realized that my printout was missing a few digits at the end of my wallet ID. I had a piece of paper with my password on it, but I had no idea what my wallet ID was”, says Rhonda.

The value of bitcoin continued to skyrocket above $50,000 (600 times the value that Rhonda had initially paid).

Despite all this, and due To Rhonda’s desperation, she turned to two hackers who managed to fix her problem (two crypto treasure hunters named Chris and Charlie Brooks).

“We eventually sat down on a video call together and watched it all unfold . Chris opened the bag and there it was. I was so relieved,” says Rhonda.

Currently our protagonist is hoping that the coins, currently worth $43,000 each, will rise in value again. He describes them as hisretirement fund for when he wants to leave his job as a day trader of stocks and cryptocurrencies.

As we have mentioned before, the case of this girl is not the only one and there are millions of lost bitcoins. People like Chris and Charlie, among others, are part of a growing sector of ethical hackers who are using their skills to help people recover lost cryptocurrencies.

The daily work of these people is to teach manufacturers to protect their products from hackers, however now many set up parallel businesses dedicated to unlocking wallets.