Martha is Dead will be censored on its PlayStation version, not on Xbox

Finally this month of February, Martha is Dead, one of the most striking horror games of these 12 months, arrives after a delay that caused its launch in 2022. However, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players will have to enjoy a different version than Xbox and PC, as it will suffer from some censorship on both Sony consoles.

Only on PlayStation consoles

As announced by the studio in charge, LKA, Martha is Dead is “a narrative adventure for adult audiences only, with potentially upsetting scenes and uncomfortable themes for some players.” For this reason, these scenes will be removed from the versions for PS4 and PS5, with which LKA claims to need more time to work on it, which will not, however, lead to a new delay at least in digital format, but its version will be delayed. physics.

The physical launch will be delayed until an undetermined date, although we anticipate that it will be a few weeks,” they say. “This version will continue to include a double-sided poster, digital tarot cards and soundtrack. We will update its status with the release date as soon as we have the information.”

As we said before, both in its version for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and for PC, Martha is Dead will not have any type of censorship, showing these scenes completely in their entirety.

Thus, Martha is Dead will arrive this coming February 24 on the aforementioned platforms. It is a horror thriller set in Italy during World War II, and like the Project Zero saga, a camera will play an essential role in the adventure.