McBain from The Simpsons already has his action figures so you can yell “Mendozaaaa!”

McBain on base. Communist-Nazis are after us.” The Simpsons has plenty of parodies floating around Springfield, and action movies are personified by Rainier Wolfcastle.

This “Arnold Schwarzenegger” from The Simpsons, muscular, with a square head and protagonist of his own action saga has given us some of the best memes of the series created by Matt Groening.

Its main character is McBain, star of his own film in the style of Lethal Weapon, a cop buddy movie in which a villain will cause the tragedy.

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But the infamous Senator Mendoza’s hours are numbered thanks to Super7, which will soon release its own collection of The Simpsons figures inspired by McBain’s movie.

The four figures from McBain presented by Super7 include two different versions of the Rainier Wolfcastle character, one of Scoey, his partner nearing retirement, and another of Mendoza, scheming to gain power.

According to Super7, The Simpsons McBain figures will be available starting next week on their website.

It is a fantastic opportunity to recreate your favorite scenes from this movie within the series that has been on the air for more than 3 decades.

Besides, who knows. if the set is successful, the folks at Super7 could put out a Radioactive Man set so you can respond appropriately when they say… “Come on, atoms!”

The price of each of the figures, but if Super7 follows the usual trend, they will be around 18 dollars a unit.

The Simpsons will will soon complete their 34th season, with more than 700 episodes behind them and with a loyal audience that, despite remembering their best years with homesickness, continues to watch the adventures of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the population of Springfield.

What do you think of the McBain figures from Super7? Will you take revenge on Mendoza with them?