Know More About McDonalds Nutrition

A Comprehensive Guide To McDonalds Nutrition Facts & Calories

Is there anyone who does not know about McDonalds? One of the most famous restaurant chains in the United States since 1940 and everyone is accustomed to it. Millions of customers over more than a hundred countries visit here and admire their fast-food. They serve its customers with the delectable fast food full of nutritions. McDonalds nutrition food includes McMuffins, Mac n Cheese, hamburgers, fried chicken, Beverages, and more.

After reviewing and analyzing McDonald’s carb, calories, and nutritional information, I have decided to share it with you. So you can easily pick your healthy and favorite Mac meal according to your diet plan and desired calories. Learn more about banana nutrition.

McDonalds Nutrition Facts Along With Their Menu Items

Here are some Nutrition facts of McDonalds menu so that you can easily choose your favorite item after knowing its nutrients. You can even use McDonalds nutrition calculator to check all the information but for this, you have to visit their official website.

  1. McDonalds Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Their delicious sandwich contains 380 calories that come from 39% protein and 46% carbohydrates. It has 7g total fat, 2.0 saturated fat, 3g Sugar, 95mg Cholesterol, 1110mg Sodium, and 44g Carbohydrates.

  1. McDonalds Hamburger

Delicious hamburgers with beef patties can drive consumers crazy as salt, pepper, onions, and sauces can enhance the flavor. The hamburger contains 250 calories, 8g Fat, 30mg cholesterol, 480mg Sodium, and 2g Dietary fiber.

  1. McDonalds Cheeseburger

Mcdonald’s mouthwatering cheeseburger without any artificial is the delicious item in their menu. McDonalds cheeseburger calories are 300 that comes from 36% fat and 44% carbohydrates. It also contains 12g Fat, 40mg cholesterol, 60mg Fat, 7g sugar, and 2g dietary fat.

  1. McDonalds Big Mac Calories

Another McDonalds nutrition item is here. 1 serving of Big Mac calories contains 47% fat and 34% carbohydrates, 3g Dietary fiber, 9g Sugars, and 25g proteins.

  1. McDonalds Double Cheeseburger

Another delectable addition to the menu, McDonalds double cheeseburger calories comes from 46%Fat and 36% Carbohydrates. It contains a total of 440 calories, 22g Fat, 11g saturated fat, 85mg cholesterol, 1050 sodium, 2g Dietary fiber, and 7g Sugars.

  1. McDonalds Fries Calories

The crispy McDonalds Fries contains 220 calories, 1.5g saturated Fat, 3g Dietary Fiber, 11% totals carbs, 0g sugars, 180mg sodium, 55g Carbohydrates, and 5.8g proteins.

  1. McDonalds Breakfast Calories

McDonald’s serves a wide variety of breakfast to its customers. Such as Bacon, Egg, Cheese Bagel (550 cal), bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit (450-480 cal), Big Breakfast with Hotcakes (1340 Cal), and Big Breakfast (750 cal).

  1. McDonalds Bacon BBQ Burger

After Georgia, McDonald’s has started providing the Bacon BBQ Burger. It is made up of cooked beef, Applewood smoked bacon, barbecue sauce, fried onion rings, and a bun. It contains almost 710 to 920 calories, 35g Carbohydrates, and 8g Sugars.

  1. Sausage McMuffin

McDonalds nutrition menu adds one more item that is Sausage McMuffin. It contains 400 calories, 10g Saturates Fat, 55mg Cholesterol, 760mg Sodium, 25g Total fat, 14g protein, 3g Sugars, and 2g Dietary Fiber.

  1. Baked Hot Apple Pie

There is a total of 240 Calories (40% Fat and 56% Carbohydrates) in Baked Hot Apple Pie. Moreover, 1 pie contains 11g Total fat, 4g Dietary Fiber, 16g sugars, 2g proteins, 0mg Cholesterol, and 6g Saturated Fat.

Some Tips Regarding Your Health- McDonalds Nutrition

You can check in which category you lie and then you can choose your favorite food that suits your diet.

  • If a person consumes a single MCD burger then he is consuming 250 cal, 8g protein, 490mg Sodium. If you want to add a slice of cheese then add 50 more calories, 4g fat, and 190mg Sodium.
  • There is a wide range of sandwiches but the classic McChicken comprised 370 cal, 17g fat, and 650mg Sodium. The healthier choice of Filet-o-Fish, or fish patty and tartar sauce will give you 390 calories, 19 grams of fat, and 590mg of sodium.
  • If you are a calorie or diet conscious person then you should take a Premium Southwest Salad without chicken as it contains only 160 calories, 7g fat, and 190mg of sodium. The southwest dressing contains more than 280 more calories on the salad.
  • A small pack of fries contains 230 cal whereas a large pack contains 510 cal.
  • If you are craving for a chocolate shake then you are directly consuming 560 cal and 16g fat.
  • Children usually prefer McMeals with McNuggets, fries, low-fat milk that contains 440 cal, 20g fat, and 550mg Sodium.
  • If you are a vegetarian then you must prefer salads with tortillas stripes, lettuce, lime, diced apples, grapes, tomatoes. While taking breakfast you can take bagels, coffees, apple or orange juice, oatmeal (without meal).
  • A person who avoids Gluten can order parfaits, McFlurries, smoothies, lettuce-wrapped cheeseburgers, premium salads, and sweet teas.

About McDonald’s

The restaurant started its business in 1940 and now it becomes a multibillion-dollar corporation. At that time two brothers Richard and Maurice started their business from drive-in McDonald’s BBQ in 1940 in San Bernardino, California. Their 130 branches are providing its service across the world. They cater according to the standards of every state. However, their menu is designed according to American food choices.

I hope after reading this blog you can devour McDonald’s fast-food as per your diet plan. Share your suggestions with us in the comment section below.