Meet the black hole that moves through space

Thinking about detecting a black hole, and even more so if it is moving, seemed impossible a few years ago. However, in an article recently published by the ArXiv scientific platform, the discovery of this phenomenon was reported.

Having a size of 7 solar masses and a travel speed of approximately 45 kilometers per second, this hole took more than 10 years to discover.

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The process

Due to its conditions , black holes are very difficult to detect, as they blend in with the black background of space itself. For this reason, the researchers had to look for gravitational lensing effects, or lights deflected by the black hole, in order to identify it.

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As they were not completely sure, they decided to analyze the data from the Hubble Space Telescope, which orbits outside the Earth’s atmosphere. This process, which lasted 6 years, was intended to determine if the light that was being seen changed due to the increase in the black hole.

With the long duration of the increase in light, the existence of the hole floating freely in the space. In addition to the above, this discovery required quantitative data analysis and image processing.

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The research involved more than 30 scientists, between men and women, and with the participation of different science centers such as the ‘Space Telescope Science Institute’, ‘Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics’, ‘European Southern Observatory’, ‘Center for Theoretical Astrophysics’, among others.

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