Mercedes and ic! berlin join forces to launch a new range of prescription glasses

The German manufacturer Mercedes and the glasses company ic! berlin have made a new collaboration that has resulted in a new range of glasses for this 2022. These are graduated models, with different mounting styles and inspired by some of the brand’s cars, such as the EQ range.

There are four models available in this new collection and all of them have in common the 0.6 millimeter resistant stainless steel developed specifically for this occasion. Thus, these are light glasses but capable of withstanding daily use without problems.

The first of these is the MB 07 model, which has been conceived with a sporty air. It has a rectangular shape and a medium size that can fit most people. In addition, with a minimalist design, they can be used to combine with all kinds of clothing styles.

In any case, for those who want a model really designed for day-to-day use, the MB 08 is for them. They are rectangular-shaped glasses with a design focused on a functional and avant-garde style.

On the other hand, the MB 09 are for those who want extra comfort. It is a particularly light frame that also adds elements such as adjustable nose pads that increase ease of use. This model also includes thermoplastic elastomers on the temples, so that they can also be adjusted.

Finally, the MB 10 model is the most refined and elegant. It is the perfect model for those who want to show off the best style, with a rectangular design and details such as the laser-engraved Mercedes logo.

Each of these models is offered in different colors, among which Electric Powder Blue stands out, which refers to the details of the EQ range of electric cars from the German manufacturer. All those who are interested can buy each model in stores authorized by ic! berlin.