Merqueo celebrates its sixth birthday with a view to six more cities

In 2016 Merqueo began its path as a 100% online supermarket, now that it is celebrating 6 years of operations in Colombia, it reports an increase in users of more than 500 % and up to 800% in the number of orders since its foundation.

The digital store now no longer has only supermarket or hypermarket options, but has also included specialized stores and has had a strong expansion after 2020 and 2021 by the use of technology by Colombians.

“In the last six years we have built a way of living and making a market, we have contributed to making a more equitable society based on technology, We celebrate the great growth we have had in Colombia, we are in 35 cities where we hope to grow in double digits during 2022 and we want to reach six more cities in the country”, said Felipe Ossa, Chief Operating Officer of Merqueo.
Merqueo’s total basket of articles has grown 33 times since its inception, “we have also evolved a lot in the business that we had six years ago and we are not just intermediaries, people see significant savings, thanks to the use of technology, we are now an umbrella for many things, we were born in Bogotá but we are already in Mexico and Brazil, we have crossed borders and we have become stronger,” he added.

The year past, the app developed the Ultra service that guarantees immediate deliveries in 30 or free thanks to its network of hidden stores strategically located in each city.

“We are further strengthening our technology using Machine Learning, so that the purchase is more personalized and we will continue to reinvent ourselves, after the investment round of 70 million dollars we seek to strengthen ourselves in more cities 2 in Mexico, 3 more in Brazil and in Colombia along with more adoption of the service, not because more users buy but because the current ones buy more, this is our goal,” he said.

The experience and the technology base will be part of the strategy so “there is no reason not to ask for marketing, we want making it a simple decision, with benefits in terms of time, prices and facilities. Today only 1% of supermarket purchases in Colombia are online and this trend is expected to reach 20% in the next seven years”, added.

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