Michael Keaton’s Batman Suit in Full Detail in Leaked New Batgirl Photos

After the first leaked photos -from afar- a few days ago of Batman by Michael Keaton on the set of Batgirl, the new superhero movie from Gotham for HBO Max, new snapshots now arrive with the suit of the famous 1989 Batman in full detail from the set in Glasgow, Scotland, revealing some new features that were not known for now. In addition, we also have the first photos of actor J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, along with a video clip in which various scenes are being shot.

This is Michael Keaton’s “new” Batman suit

Thus, and thanks to these new photos leaked from the filming set, we can finally see Michael Keaton’s Batman suit in all its splendor, revealing some new details regarding the clothing he wore in his two original Tim films. Burton. So much so, that some differences can be seen in the chest part, with some lines that cross the armor vertically in that area and a join with the cape also different, more landscape.

On the other hand, it seems that the belt is no longer the classic yellow color and equips another with more muted tones. The design of the chest area also looks different, although luckily for the fans, it seems that the mask remains intact. What is not clear is whether it is Michael Keaton or a stunt double.

On the other hand, we also have new photos of actor J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon , who reprises his role after Justice League. Likewise, a video clip has appeared with several shots of the Batgirl filming set in Glasgow and some scenes starring Gordon himself.

At the moment, Batgirl does not have a release date, although it is scheduled to arrive on HBO Max at the end of this 2022.Michael Keaton's Batman suit in full detail in new leaked Batgirl photos

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