Microsoft confirms that PlayStation and Nintendo will continue to receive Activision Blizzard games

The four nations lived in harmony until the multi-million dollar purchases of video game studios began. Over the last few weeks we have seen the different movements by Microsoft and Sony. The first was the one that opened the ban on the consumerist explosion typical of Black Friday, it did so with the purchase of the Activision Blizzard and King studios.

This great movement made the industry tremble, and the figure that Microsoft paid for this movement was 68,000 million dollars; making it the largest acquisition in Microsoft’s 46-year history. By taking over Activision Blizzard what they got are renowned sagas such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Candy Crush itself.

Sony, neither short nor lazy, decided to acquire Bungie . Yes, the purchase is not as spectacular as that of the Xbox; but the move the company made to acquire the company behind the first Halo games from Microsoft itself is still striking. Of course, when taking out the portfolio the figure was only 3,600 million dollars.

What is the problem with these purchases? Uncertainty towards users. The fact that a company that offers its own video game console acquires studios and developers caused all the alarms to go off. The main concern was the fact that they decided to make exclusive titles that, to date, were found on almost any platform.

Microsoft has been the first to clarify this situation and does so in an official statement. Throughout this text, what is emphasized is that the games will continue to come to PlayStation regardless of whether they own the developers behind. Come on, there will be Call of Duty for a while on the millions of PlayStation 5 consoles that was released two years ago.

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It would not be the only title that would continue to be available for Sony, the most popular Activision Blizzard games will continue to be present on the Japanese console. Microsoft has not specified, but it is implied that they do not plan to turn off the tap to the competition, much less to the users. The truth is that it would have been a very controversial move.

Of course, Sony is not the only one to be congratulated. Microsoft has also talked about Activision Blizzard games available on Nintendo consoles, these titles would continue to be present and available to users. In addition to the fact that the new releases that are developed over the following years would continue to arrive.