Microsoft is fully committed to HDR in Windows 11 and this is its new calibration tool

There isn’t a day when we don’t have news about Windows 11. We recently told you that it could soon be mandatory to have a Microsoft account to access all the news about the operating system and now there is also news regarding other features .

It is possible that you already know what it is, but we point out that when talking about HDR it refers to the High Dynamic Range; that is, to offer more realistic and natural images, with many more colours, from the deepest blacks to the lightest whites. In any case, we have a report on what HDR is that explains it in depth.

Microsoft is going to bet heavily on HDR in Windows 11 with the aim that users can take advantage of compatible monitors and prepare an application that will facilitate the configuration.

The new application will be called Windows HDR Calibration and will include three test patterns, each with the purpose of analyzing the maximums that can be reached, as reported in Softpedia News.

The first pattern will determine what the darkest visible detail is, the second what is the brightest, and the third will test how bright the screen can be via a test. In this way, a calibration that is as adequate and perfect as possible will be achieved.


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As reported by Microsoft, they have heard the “feedback and requests to bring the Xbox HDR Game Calibration app to Windows. In the not too distant future, it will be able to improve accuracy color and consistency of your HDR display via the upcoming Windows HDR Calibration app.

They also clarify that,although some certified screens work better without calibration, they will recommend using this applicationwhich they are already testing in Windows Insider. In addition, they also report that it will be available in the configuration menu with a very simple use.

We still cannot clarify how useful the application will be, but we hope it will serve to enhance the quality of some monitors that sometimes are not used enough.

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