Microsoft updates AltSpaceVR to make its VR universe a safer place

These changes are intended to improve security and moderation in AltspaceVR, and Microsoft will also default to its current security feature and mute attendees joining meetings in AltspaceVR.

This universe is based on a joint initiative with other manufacturers such as Samsung or HTC. It is a space for people to interact with each other within the framework of virtual reality. Within this virtual space, attendees can watch concerts, interact with each other and much more. It is a version of the well-known Habbo, but taken further.

Well, taking this into context, from Microsoft they report: “As platforms like AltspaceVR evolve, it is important that we analyze the existing experiences and assess whether they are adequately meeting customer needs today and in the future.”

The social hubs in this universe are designed “to help foster new friendships” and act as an entry point to become familiar with AltspaceVR itself. However, lack of moderation in these open social spaces could lead to harassment or unwanted attention, which is the main reason Microsoft is shutting them down.

“This is all about helping people better connect with those with common interests, while ensuring the spaces they access are safe from inappropriate behavior and harassment,” says Alex Kipman, head of Microsoft’s mixed reality efforts.

While social hubs will be removed within AltspaceVR immediately, the requirement for a Microsoft account to use the app will be implemented in the coming weeks.

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This will mean that AltspaceVR will be tightly integrated into Microsoft Family Safety in the coming months, allowing parents to approve or limit access to AltspaceVR if it’s downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

It’s clear that Microsoft is trying to get ahead of moderation issues in their quest for a larger metaverse. After acquiring AltspaceVR in 2017 when it was about to go out of business, Microsoft hasn’t made any substantive changes to the service like it’s doing today.

The software maker is pushing to make the idea of ??a metaverse and mixed reality a reality, and Kipman now describes AltspaceVR as “a building block for the future of the metaverse. “