Microsoft will permanently remind you that you use Windows 11 without meeting its requirements

The requirements of Windows 11 generated a strong controversy, not only because they took a very big leap compared to the requirements of Windows 10, but also because of all the doubts they generated regarding the possible installation of said operating system on a computer that did not fully comply with them.

In the end, things had a “happy ending”, as we were able to confirm that Windows 11 can be installed on a PC that does not meet all the minimum requirements. However, Microsoft was quick to say that it does not recommend it, and that such installations can lead to security and stability issues, and incompatibilities of varying and undetermined severity.

On the other hand, I also want to remind you that in some scenarios, even if we meet the minimum requirements of Windows 11, this does not guarantee us a truly optimal user experience. We saw this back in the day when Windows 11 performance was tested on a PC with just 4GB of RAM, so keep that in mind. The minimum to enjoy a good experience with said operating system is 8 GB of RAM.

Microsoft wants to remind you that you use Windows 11 without meeting its requirements

Anyone who installs Windows 11 will receive a notice at the start of the installation that their computer does not meet the minimum requirements, and will be aware of this at all times. This represents , according to Microsoft, those risks that we have already mentioned at the beginning of this article, but the truth is that, at the moment, I am not aware of any particularly serious incident.

With that in mind, i.e. with the user being aware that their computer does not meet the requirements to run Windows 11, I can’t help but wonder why Microsoft deems it necessary to introduce a watermark that would constantly remember. At the moment, this measure is only being applied in the insider channel, where those who have decided to continue using Windows 11 despite not meeting the minimum requirements are seeing the warning that we leave you in the attached image.

In the text you can read “It does not meet the system requirements”, and just below it appears the name of the version of the operating system used, the evaluation copy distinction and the data of the build that is installed. Since this is a change that has only been applied to the insider channel at the moment, there is a possibility that it will end up being discarded and that it will not reach the general channel, but the opposite can also happen.

Personally, I think that this warning is not only unnecessary, but it can also end up annoying the user, especially if it ends up being integrated as a watermark similar to the classic “Windows is not activated” . We’ll see how all this turns out, since in the end it’s Microsoft who has the last word.