Microsoft’s strategy to clean up Activision Blizzard; wants ‘the right people’ to be in charge

I’m going to take this time to remind Blizzard that I’ve been waiting weeks for them to announce something about Overwatch. I have a few predictions with this one and it would be nice to see which one I got right. It’s a matter of staying calm, I’m just saying that. And it gives me a good feeling, because I think Microsoft will know how to give this game the place it really deserves and that it lost a long time ago.

Will Xbox Game Pass price go up after Activision Blizzard purchase? Phil Spencer solves this

Okay, I’m going to what really matters. As you know, the purchase of Activision Blizzard will lead to big changes. And I’m not talking about the company’s video games, but about the situation in which it finds itself as a result of the lawsuits for harassment. It is a toxic culture that must be eliminated now, and it seems that Microsoft is already working on it.

Microsoft’s strategy with Activision Blizzard

  • Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, has been able to speak with CNBC about the strategy they are following to solve the problems of Activision Blizzard (via VGC) ?
  • This strategy is to follow closely the current Activision Blizzard leadership team to see how they deal with the current problems ?
  • Seeing this they will be able to elect the right person to be in charge of the company and thus eliminate the toxic culture that surrounds it strong> ?
    • “We look to the Activision Blizzard leadership team to make workplace culture and safety a top priority every day, through day when, hopefully, this deal closes. And then we’ll take over and we have to make the same commitment.”
  • He also noted that there will be changes in the personnel, since until “the culture evolves”. Thus, he emphasizes the importance of the attitude of the leaders of Activision Blizzard ?
    • “If there is something we have learned about addressing issues such as sexual harassment or just about any cultural issue for people, it really takes a combination of commitment and humility […] You have to be committed to making things better.
  • Phil, please do your thing ?
Microsoft Microsoft
  • What I want most now is for Bobby Kotick to leave the company, because his presence will not be a positive thing at all ?
  • I’m quite happy who want to take the company to the right path ?