MiHoYo, creator of Genshin Impact, bets on the metaverse with his brand HoYoverse

Two days just for Yae Miko to eat all our wishes and protogems, so good! I wish you all the luck in the world to get it, and I hope that part of your luck comes to me too. There is little news about Genshin Impact these days, considering that its version 2.5 is almost here. But even if it has nothing to do with the game, miHoYo has announced something that’s pretty cool.

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I don’t know how many of you know the term “metaverse”. Lately there has been a lot of talk about this and, for those who do not know, in summary it can be said that it is an alternative reality. It seeks to be as immersive as possible and give the user great freedom to move around in it. Many experiences can be had in this alternative reality without having to leave home. All very futuristic, right? Well, more and more companies are betting on this, as is now the case with miHoYo.

HoYoverse, the metaverse of miHoYo

  • miHoYo has announced through its official website the existence of HoYoverse ?
  • The objective of the creators of Genshin Impact is to enter the metaverse, and give all players “an immersive virtual world experience”, seeking high immersion and freedom ?
  • To do so, they will combine their virtual content, games, anime, and more into a global virtual world ?
  • They have already taken their first steps into the metaverse, as the creation of a desktop application called N0va, which features Lumi, a virtual character ?
  • Haoyu Cai, co-founder and CEO of HoYoverse , has also spoken about the future of this virtual world ?
    • “We will continue to focus on long-term operating strategies, consistent technical research and innovation in a variety of fields, including artificial intelligence [and more] pa to ensure that enough content is created to meet the expectations of gamers around the world. for a virtual world experience.”
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I don’t know what you think, but the truth is that seeing all this in the metaverse gives me a bit of a bad vibe. And that, in principle, shows more advantages than anything else, but I guess I have a bad intuition about this because I’ve seen a lot of Black Mirror. Now it remains to be seen what else miHoYo will do in the future.