Minecraft X Puma Sprint Dash: What does this DLC contain and how to install it

With the collaboration of Puma and Minecraft, not only do we have a ton of t-shirts, hoodies and pants that we can purchase with logos from the game, but also new additional content created by the community that you can take advantage of.

This additional content basically exposes three unique levels where different players have to compete basically by running, while they improve each of their skills, including top speed.

So we tell you exactly what this additional content called Minecraft x Puma: Sprint Dash contains, and if it is worth downloading because it has much more than sportswear.

Minecraft X Puma Sprint Dash: What this DLC contains and how to install it

Specifically, the additional content Minecraft X Puma Sprint Dash allows us to explore three interactive maps while we dedicate ourselves to running and competing with the rest of the users.

You can collect objects in the purest Mario Kart style, and obtain improvements such as greater acceleration or top speed as we go through levels that go from the city, through the jungle and the arctic.

In this way, we have several levels where we can compete together with other users, and where we must reach maximum speed to reach the finish line before the rest.

In addition to improving and uploading nu In this level, we can also collect trophies and even discover exciting surprises along the way since there are a lot of nods to both this sportswear and many other elements of this video game license.

If you want to download this extra content you must go to the Minecraft X Puma Sprint Dash tab and click on it corresponding download button.

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