Misfits attack a stone parrot to death

Rejection has caused in Riohacha, the disclosure of a video in which a group of misfits appears attacking a parrot, that was found in the gate of a house, which was raised with stones and kicks until ending his life.

The incident occurred at about 2:33 in the morning of last Sunday, February, on Calle 28 A with Carrera 15 in the Las Tunas neighborhood.

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The video shows Eight young people, including two women, who noticed the presence of the animal as they passed and approached the fence where it was in order to reach it, without being able to do so and continue on their way.


We never thought it had been attacked, we thought it had been stolen to sell

Then they return and one of them throws a rock at him, while another tries to approach him again with a bag. At that moment ‘Poncho’ as the parrot was called, flies into the street and falls to the ground, a situation that is taken advantage of by one of the young people to kick him.

Subsequently, the scenes are seen where one of the youths throws a plastic bag across the road, which crashes against a wall and apparently the remains of the animal were placed inside.

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The owners of the parrot never imagined what had happened to it, initially they thought it had been stolen, until they saw the security cameras.

Authorities are asked to capture those responsible

We never thought it had been assaulted, we thought it had been stolen to sell

The complaint was filed through social networks by Daimis Quiroz, who assures that the parrot had been with his family for more than five years and did not interfere with strangers, nor did he attack anyone, rather he greeted whoever passed by.

He explains that ‘Poncho’ at 6 in the afternoon would climb on a tree outside the house, which was like his house and used to sleep until the next day like any other bird.