Mobile gaming makes more money than consoles and PC combined

Although it can generally be thought that video game sales may be subject to consoles and PCs —a good example of this are the results of Nintendo or Sony, among others— the mobile market is really the true protagonist of the function.

A report by the firm NewZoo echoed by Phone Arena that has focused on the 2021 video game market shows that mobile titles are the ones that are really revolutionizing the industry and that are also of great quality.

To give you an idea, last year mobile games generated more revenue worldwide than console and PC titles combined.

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In numbers, the smartphone games industry has a market share of 52% and throughout 2021 more than 80,000 million euros were generated worldwide.

In addition, this sector of the industry is the one that is growing the fastest, mainly because every day more people have a powerful smartphone that can play any video game.

Another point to note from this upheaval is that while Microsoft and Sony have kept big game development in 2021 low-key due to the pandemic, mobile game developers have created a good handful of titles that are constantly growing and are aimed at a growing audience.

What is most striking is that most of the revenue comes from the Chinese market, which has generated 26,000 million. An even more striking figure when compared to the 13,000 million in the United States and the 12,000 million in Japan.

The main reason for this great difference comes from the large developers that are on the Asian continent, such as miHoyo, creator of Genshin Impact or Tencent with Fortnite or PUBG.

According to the report, a surprising selection of emerging markets are those that have contributed to this figure such as Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, which are the ones that are growing the most.

Currently, they represent less than 10% of the total revenue pie, but a future upward trajectory is expected to explode in the next few years.

This article was published in Business Insider Spain by Carlos Ferrer-Bonsoms.