More detail than a 108 Mpx photo with these charcoal paintings

In the age of technology and when photography has reached unprecedented levels of sharpness, resolution and color, the human being comes and surprises us once again.

As if we weren’t prepared, the ingenuity and skill of the human race can overwhelm any technological innovation or improvement. Although, to be fair, these do not appear out of nowhere, but are also possible thanks to us.

But today we are talking about a machine against people. Because sometimes it’s good to feel proud of what our brothers do beyond our borders.

The protagonist of today’s post is the Nigerian artist Hopex John, who uses his masterful drawing skills to create hyper-realistic portraits that anyone could mistake for black and white photos.

The merit of all this is that Hopex only uses charcoal and a blank sheet. From there it is his talent that makes faces so realistic that anyone would say they are mirrors of reality.

John’s art ranges from celebrity drawings to family commissions, and he spends an equal amount of time portraying each subject, they explain.

Each mark on the paper is made with charcoal, with which he carefully draws and blends over the white surface to create light and shadow. Depending on the complexity of your work, My Modern Met explains, completing a piece can take over 100 hours.

I use my detailed charcoal art to express my deepest feelings and addressing socio-cultural issues in Nigeria, Africa and the world in general”, explains John to the medium.

As you can see on his Instagram, each Hopex work leaves you with the mouth open for its precision, level of detail and realism, reaching a level of photorealism that scares. In the era of montages and deepfakes, this breaks with the established with a pencil and paper.