Moss: Book II leaves us with more images and details about its world designed for PS VR 2

This afternoon, as was done on more than one occasion, Shuhei Yoshida’s PlayStation Indies division announced that throughout the afternoon they would share previews of up to 7 independent video games that will soon arrive in PS4 and PS5. One of them was the expected TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, while another of the great highlights was Moss: Book II.

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This sequel to Moss was announced a few months ago as one of the next big games in the Virtual Reality landscape, and it looks like it’s being designed to take advantage of PlayStation VR 2 . We still don’t know what month it will be released, but at least today we have been able to learn more about its world, which doesn’t look bad at all.

Moss: Book II leaves us with more information about its beautiful virtual world

  • As indicated in the PlayStation Blog, the scenarios will be much larger and more explorable than in the first installment?
  • By doing this, developers can create larger multi-dimensional puzzles and more amazing platforming challenges?
  • To move around the stage, some elegant camera cuts will be implemented through transitions that will not present any loading time?
  • In Moss: Book II there will be more secrets to discover, more relevant details and even puzzles that will not convey a feeling of discomfort at all?
  • The option to revisit already explored areas will be added, and this makes sense because all the zones will be connected to each other. In addition, every time you enter you can discover new camera angles or perspectives that will help you find more hidden secrets?
  • They’re putting more emphasis on the narrative and Quill’s expressions, making Moss: Book II a much more cinematic experience.?
  • Also, vibration will play an important role in player immersion; It will vibrate when we have enemies. And as if that were not enough, the Boopables system allows us to interact with the stage using “our hands” virtually . This is better explained by watching the following video:

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Moss: Book II will be released sometime this spring, and even if PlayStation VR 2 is going to be released later, I would find it very strange if there isn’t an improved version for it. new generation device.