Job interview

A job interview is a phase of people’s life when he meets new and top-ranked seniors of the profession. At interview time many people face problem of hesitation and lacking of self-confidence while on the other hand some people also face problems but they tackle them all like a genius and finally gets a job.

According to researches, 60% of interviewers want to check candidates on the basis of their interpersonal skills, self-confidence, and ability to deal with strategic problems while 40% just check our academic backgrounds and other parameters.

What to do when going on an interview?

When you are going for an interview first make sure that you are looking like a real gentleman, take a proper needed sleep in order to look fresh and energetic, style your hairs and shape your beard to leave a good and bold impact on the interviewer. Do not wear an informal dress means jeans pent and short body T-shirt, always choose formal dressing like casual dress pent and soft color plain collar shirt. Your dressing really matters on interview because it reflects your personality and intellectual qualities. Answer the questions very politely but in bold voice, and when you can’t answer any question then skip it by apologizing; never ever speak foolish and unauthentic. Try to behave maturely by keeping your eye contact with the person there and I better suggest to speaking very precise while the conversation on any topic. Do not try to show over efficiency.

Mostly asked questions?

Q1 Define a little about yourself?

Q2 what are your weaknesses?

Q3 what are your biggest strengths?

Q4 why do you want to pursue your career with us?

Q5 where do you see yourself in the next some years?

Q6 Will, you leave us on offering another opportunity?

Q7 why we hire you? Any strong reason?

Q8 what special commitment you can give us that all other candidates out there cannot give?

Q9 what are your salary expectations?

Q10 How do you handle your stress and pressure?

Q11 why do you want to leave your current job?

Apart from these all, there are many vacancies in government and military departments too in which psychology of candidate is also tested in interviews. They are totally different type of questions that belongs to the human’s inner beliefs and values.