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Mother is a name of blessings, she is the creature who first keeps us in her womb for 9 months and faces all kinds of difficulties & pains in order to keep a child safe and alive. When the event of your birth comes she feels up to 57 DEL of pain which is equal to 20 bones getting fractured together

After giving birth, a child is the only love of a mother whom she wants to see at very first sight, and the first hug of mother to her child gives ecstasy and breath of relief to both, obviously, that’s only a mother’s love. 

In order to honor all her sacrifices, we celebrate mothers day once in a year, on 10 May. People all around the world celebrate this day wholeheartedly plus differently like many people wish their mothers with lots of lovely words and greetings, give hugs and kisses, some Childs buy their moms a wonderful gift and precious items just to show her our inner love, respect and care towards her.    

Only saying happy mother’s day on 10th  May just not reduces your whole responsibility but it is an initial acceptance that you valued her a lot and would minimize her all kind of sorrows and grief by taking all necessary steps she wants from you to take. If you cannot analyze her situation and increasing your moms’ pain by directly or indirectly means so your greetings to her “happy mothers day” is actually not that much happy for her.

Mothers day is not a name of just one day that on which you honor your mother, but you must obey her, respect her and fulfill her desires in each and every day because mother is one of the blessings from God which is awarded to us only single time in life and if you are not caring for this blessing then probably one day you are going to lose her.

Happy Mothers day to all existing and in future becoming mothers.