It is one of the bitter truths of our society that on failure we demoralize our children, scolds them, and most of us sometimes beat them too which is totally wrong and unethical.  According to advance researches the way we treat our kids decides in which direction our kids are going in the future. Either you deal them in an excellent manner to give them a bright future and healthy mind or you treat them like a hell in order to ruin their self emotions it’s up to you.

Kids are like a blank paper, it depends on parents and teachers that what you write on it.

What should parents do?

Failure is a natural phenomenon and obviously a blessed part of life, through failure we come to know our mistakes and weaknesses. Whenever our child faces a failure in life then we must have to appreciate them because at least the child has tried something new in life. Little motivation and words of appreciation could boost up the kids’ self-confidence for the next contest of life. On the time of failure, the child is already suffering from inner anxiety and stress as he has to face the whole world, at this time the child only wants someone who can give hope by looking in his/her eyes and by tapping on his shoulder, that no matter you have failed this time but only a loser can become a winner if he/she works hard and consistently for his/her goals.

Once a legend said “failure is not a failure until you are trying”

What parents shouldn’t do?

Scolding, taunting, and punishing rush the cases. According to studies of mind and behavior (psychology), harshness and abusive word lefts a long-lasting bad impact on Childs brain growth and probably your child would remain under pressure in every circumstance. Being a parent’s everyone must have adopted some qualities first:

1-Speak politely to your Childs

2-Remove your anger

3-Teach them how to behave with others as well

4-Ask them to speak the truth and don’t lie to anyone

5-Do not react too early 

Teach your Childs to learn from failure:

Failure is not final and success is never permanent if your child has failed at any stage of live either its sports or professional career, never let them feel low or less. Ask them to learn a lesson from your failure, help them in finding the main reasons behind non-success. Teach them how to control themselves from repeating such mistakes again. In this way, you are making them a warrior of long fight rather to focus on temporary goals.