Motorola prepares a folding clamshell mobile phone with the screen on the outside

When Motorola was launched on the market in 2019 with a novelty as characteristic as a folding mobile phone, its success seemed unthinkable. They were the first to develop a smartphone that had a flexible foldable screen with a flip format, which folded completely in the middle.

Well now, a year and a half later with no news regarding this type of model, the company has received a quite characteristic patent.

We talked about similarities with the RAZR, but one of the screens are on the outside and the other, foldable, wraps around it creating a dual-screen device when folded.

The patent, as we can see in this image, leaves a small island at the top of the phone for camera settings. Apart from small details, highlights the characteristic that the screen would be left out.

The closing hinge will be an entirely new solution that should minimize creases and allow the phone to fold flush without gaps.

We already saw this with the previous smartphone: a zero gap hinge that allows both sides of the screen system to remain perfectly aligned when closed, and protects it against all kinds of particles and dust.

The design, as it happened with the RAZR, solves one of the main real problems of consumers: owning a compact and portable smartphone, without sacrificing one of the characteristics that we value most today, the size of the screen.

However, it’s not that simple. And it is that until reaching the RAZR, the company conducted studies to understand how a flexible screen could improve the user experience with smartphones. From there, Motorola developed and tested more than 20 prototypes in early study phases with consumers.

This design has some obvious advantages and if the final product undergoes some more improvements, such as the protection of that folded screen that faces the outside, it is quite likely that Motorola will return to the novelty market with this folding mobile phone.