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Natural stone has been an absolute favourite for many years. Various natural stone products are often used outdoors to design the garden, balcony or terrace and indoors to create a natural, harmonious and sophisticated flair. This applies in particular to using natural stone tiles, which are extremely popular. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom and hallway or even the living room, the tiles made of the natural stone give every room a great ambience and attractively enhance every area. Choose Infinite Leisure for your swimming pool tiles suppliers in Dubai. In the extensive range at tiles suppliers in Dubai, you will find an immense selection of high-quality natural stone tiles, which you can order and buy at low prices in the tiles suppliers in Dubai online shop. To select the tiles you want for your living space as quickly as possible, use the helpful filter settings on the shop. Here you immediately determine which primary colour, shade and format you are looking for. You can also easily set a price framework. The extensive range includes light and dark natural stone tiles and tiles in the medium colour spectrum.

Make more of your floors and walls and rely on the high product quality of first-class tiles from shop. In the OBI online shop, you can buy your new natural stone tiles at a fair price-performance ratio and get the comprehensive service. Try it out and treat your home to the cosy naturalness and sophisticated flair of natural stone floors! Check out more at our Blog.

Natural stone is pure luxury – not only because it looks stylish and costs a little more!

Natural stones in the house ensure an excellent, natural ambience with that particular something. Previously reserved for the higher earners, newer and more productive production processes today make it possible for the charm of natural stone floors to come into their own in every house. A touch of luxury for everyone! However, this is not only true because the tiles still cost a little more these days and look attractive. Natural stone tiles are also highly robust, making them an excellent base for any floor and easy to keep clean. Compared to many modern building materials, natural stone is less susceptible to discolouration or damage caused by more aggressive cleaning agents. Of course, you can get all the necessary products that you need for the optimal care or laying of natural stone tiles,

So treat yourself to pure luxury indoors and outdoors, for example, on the terrace or balcony, and design your favourite rooms at home with first-class natural stones from shop! Tip: If you still need dry mortar or silicone & acrylic to lay the natural stone tiles, you can, of course, also buy the right products on

What is a natural stone, and what materials is it made of?

Natural stone initially includes all rocks that exist naturally on earth. While geologists make a more nuanced distinction, the term is used in industry to describe a fractured rock that stonemasons or sculptors have further processed. Because of the specified DIN standards during processing, these structures are also referred to as natural stones. The most commonly used natural stones are granite, sandstone, limestone and marble. Due to their versatile material properties, these natural stones are used in public spaces and gardens, for example, as facades, masonry or paving, as well as indoors, for instance, as floor tiles, wall tiles or worktops. Natural stone is perceived as an exceptionally high-quality and aesthetic building material.