Navy seizes four tons of drugs transported in a submersible

Navy operations on the coast of Nariño led to the seizure of four tons of cocaine that was moved in a semi-submersible.

In the four crew members were traveling on the ship.

The Navy pointed out that this is the biggest blow dealt by the Pacific Naval Force in the last two years.

With the operation of the traffic and consumption of 10 million doses of the narcotic in countries of the region and the income of nearly 150 million dollars was avoided to the finances of the Farc dissident group “Bloque Occidental Alfonso Cano”.

With information from Naval Intelligence, Units of the Coast Guard Station of Tumaco and a Maritime Patrol plane of the Naval Aviation, they deployed the operation of interdiction 68 nautical miles from Tumaco, where the semi-submersible naval device was intercepted.

When inspecting the 15-meter-long naval device, 200 sacks with 4,000 rectangular packages were found, apparently with illicit substances, for which they were transferred to the pier of the Tumaco Coast Guard Station, where members of the Technical Investigation Corps of the Prosecutor’s Office carried out the approved preliminary identification test that showed positive for chlorhyd bit of cocaine.

The authorities indicated that they managed to affect the ‘Allende’ structure that is present on the Pacific coast of Nariño.

The four subjects they were captured and placed at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office, where in concentrated hearings with the Judge for the Control of Guarantees and the Prosecutor of the Specialized Directorate against Drug Trafficking, they were charged with the crimes of: drug trafficking, manufacture or possession; and use, construction, sale and ownership of semi-submersibles or submersibles.

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