Netflix announces a movie of one of the most beloved video games, and fans are trembling

We have already spoken on other occasions about Netflix’s irrepressible need to publish content constantly, the only way to maintain a high number of subscribers, although we do not know how long it will be able to maintain the pace.

Lately he is doing very well with the movies. He has achieved 16 Oscar nominations with only two films, and has already announced his most expensive film, in which he will spend 200 million dollars.

Today he has revealed the Bioshock film on Netflix , one of the most prestigious video game sagas, with a legion of fans:

As expected, the first reaction of the fans has been fear. If you follow the responses to the previous tweet you will see many of the style, “what I was missing today”, “Please make it good”, “I’m afraid, but you want to, but afraid”…

Another current asks that instead of a movie it be a series, something logical because this saga has a very dense plot, which will be difficult to compress into a 90 or 120 minute footage.

It is true that on the subject of video game adaptations, Netflix is ??on a roller coaster. He has created good products with The Witcher or Arcane, but they are series, not movies. In this section, titles like Minecraft: Story Mode have not caught on among viewers.

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Bioshock is a prestigious video game saga released in 2007, and made up of three titles: Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite.

They are shooters in the first person with a strong narrative component, and a role-playing game. Arguably, it is an uchrony, a historical evolution different from ours, starting in the 1960s.

In the 1940s, tycoon Andrew Ryan built a secret underwater city called Rapture, where its citizens could live freely without taxes, without regulations and without a government that watches over them.

Rapture was launched in the 60s and attracted thousands of people, as well as prestigious scientists. They developed genetic mutation techniques, and superpowers began to be sold in vending machines, like someone who is going to buy a cereal bar.

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It was inevitable that things would get out of hand, and this is where the player/spectator comes in: in a semi-destroyed Rapture dominated by mutants and rogue robots.

We’ll see if Netflix manages to capture the essence of the saga, which veers slightly towards horror, and is able to condense all the depth of the story in the duration of a movie.

At the moment, no There is a release date. Probably still a long way to go. We also don’t know if it will be in real image, or animation.