Netflix is ??bringing back BioShock as a live-action movie

Continuing with the recent adaptation of video games to the big screen, it seems that Netflix has wanted to miss the opportunity to recover one of the most beloved classic titles of recent years, with the official confirmation that it is working on an action movie set in the BioShock universe.

In a small statement shared through social networks and its website, unfortunately the details about this film are still quite scarce, it is not even revealed for the moment how the film will be related to the games, or if for the Otherwise, it will be a completely independent story within the universe of this saga.

That said, whatever the outcome, it’s clear that we’ll see some key and iconic elements of the games, given that this project will be made through a partnership between Netflix and 2K itself and Take-Two Interactive, the distributor that published the video games. Thus, the presence of Vertigo Entertainment has also been confirmed as a producer, known for having participated in some of the latest television and film successes, with television programs such as “Lucifer”, or films such as the recent remake of “It”, as well as the entire “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise.

However, it is surprising that the name of the original developer of Bioshock, Irrational Games (now Ghost Story Games), is not found in this list of participants. Although it could be a mere formality since it is currently still a subsidiary of 2K.

So, in the absence of concise details, we stop to ask ourselves what we would like to see in this film. And it is that depending on the schedule that the film opts for, we could have a small prequel in which we see the splendor days of Rapture, perhaps a reinterpretation of the first original game to try to rekindle interest in the franchise, a possible adaptation or continuation of BioShock Infinite and the city of Columbia, or even some bridge or link with the already confirmed next installment of the saga.