Netflix will shoot a documentary series about the biggest bitcoin heist in history and its flashy thieves

Within the perspective of not wasting any opportunity, we have seen in recent years that Netflix has the objective that documentaries add interest , but also that they are fully current. And we are in a time when cryptocurrencies are daily news.

A few days ago we told you about the case of those arrested for the largest theft and laundering of bitcoins in history, 4,300 million euros. These are lya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan, a rapper who calls herself Razzlekhan, the Crocodile of Wall Street.

In 2016 the Bitfinex currency exchange platform was hacked and they managed to take 120,000 bitcoins through a series of illegal operations. This amount increased in value over time until it reached 4.3 billion euros.

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But this is only the beginning of the story, in the 5 years since, the couple has changed their identity several times and has managed to launder some 25,000 bitcoins. Changing cryptocurrencies has been their great goal at this time, but they have ended up arrested and face 25 years in prison.

This story with striking characters and a plot that may be of great interest has not gone unnoticed and Netflix has announced that it will shoot a documentary. One of those in charge of the project will be Chris Smith, who is also known for his work on Tiger King.

At the moment there is no announced date, although it is expected that the documentary series will not take too long to be produced and we can still see it this year. A case with these characteristics is sure to attract viewers, it has too many elements of interest.

Anyway, if you want to whet your appetite with Netflix documentaries, there are some highly recommended ones you shouldn’t miss before this one about the great cryptocurrency robot arrives.