Never Alone will delve even deeper into the culture of the Iñupiaq by announcing that it will have a sequel in 2024

The story of the award-winning Never Alone will be expanded in the future with a new adventure in which we will learn more about the culture of the Iñupiaq. This has been revealed by E-Line Media by confirming that development has just begun on a sequel named Never Alone 2, although this may not be its final title.

As it is in the pre-production phase, it still has to rain a lot until this second part is released, given that its managers intend to publish it in 2024, at the earliest. In addition, they will have the collaboration of the Cook Inlet tribal council to share more stories of this indigenous culture, as happened with the original game.

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In fact, the first Never Alone involved about 40 Alaska Native elders, storytellers, and community members who helped make the adventure even more realistic. What’s more, Nintendo Switch users will be able to check it out very soon, since Never Alone Arctic Collection will be published on the Nintendo console on February 24th.

This special edition will include all the content of the game along with the Foxtales expansion, an adventure that presents the journey of Nuna and a little fox through some icy scenarios. Both must help each other to overcome the puzzles that are found in the frozen tundra, underwater caverns and other places that will test their survival skills.