New data from Resident Evil 4 Remake emerges and suggests that it would be something different from the original

We live in the era of Remakes; this is something that sounds less and less alien to us: there are not a few works that are revisited from other perspectives to bring them to the present moment. Something that has become increasingly popular and has left us with important revisions of some of the works of Resident Evil, Resident Evil 4 Remake being the one we will focus on here.

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This last one is cheating, actually, because I’m going to tell you about a remake that hasn’t come out yet. What’s more: it hasn’t even been officially announced yet, but there are many rumors that it’s real. And not only that, but this Resident Evil 4 Remake would be something different from the original, according to the leak that I am going to talk about next:

  • These new data come from the companions of the portal Fanbyte
  • According to this information, Resident Evil 4 Remake would be presented in the first half of 2022
  • Capcom is trying to make this remake more terrifying than the original game ??
  • Some segments and events of the remake will take place at night
  • The secondary characters would have a greater weight in the plot of the game
  • Ada’s campaign will be larger than in the original

Do you feel like playing this supposed Resident Evil 4 Remake? The thing is that the data does not stop here, since the insider from whom this data comes ensures that the image of Wesker that was leaked does not belong to this remake, but to another project canceled from the saga of which nothing is known yet.

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Finally, I just have to remind you that we should take this information with a grain of salt, since it doesn’t come from Capcom itself. But I wouldn’t rule them out entirely either, since they make a lot of sense considering how the company has reimagined the two previous installments in the saga.