New games for NES and SNES on Switch Online during the Nintendo Direct? This track suggests

Today is the Nintendo Direct and the rumors and speculations do not stop. The network is so hot that it burns and tonight we could discover great news in the Nintendo Switch catalog. In this framework, one of the sections to take into account is the catalog of free retro games offered by the service to Switch Online subscribers.

As you know, subscribers to the service can enjoy some games from the NES and SNES catalogue in the basic subscription of Switch Online while, by paying a little more, you can also access some Mega Drive and Nintendo 64 games. Will we have news about new additions today?

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The service may add new NES and SNES games

  • The hint comes from NinStatusBot where we can see an update of the online service ??
  • The update is scheduled for right after the Nintendo Direct strong> ?
  • Every time the service is updated, new games tend to arrive ??
  • The last time it was updated, Banjo-Kazooie arrived from Nintendo 64 ?
  • When the Mega Drive app was updated, ToeJam & Earl, Altered Beast, Dynamite Headdy, Sword of Vermillion and Thunder Force II arrived ?
  • The update it only talks about the NES and SNES apps ?
  • Therefore, only 8 and 16 bit games would arrive from Nintendo to the catalog ?

Obviously this is just a hint of what could happen in today’s Nintendo Direct so nothing can be guaranteed.