New sales of GTA V, which manages to surpass entire great sagas like Assassin’s Creed and more

I’m a GTA V player, and I think practically all of us have been at some point. Or so I thought, because when I saw that the game sold so much, I’ve always thought that it wouldn’t sell anymore because the whole planet has to already have a copy of the title. But that’s when reality hits me and slaps me in the face telling me: “Hey, no! That Grand Theft Auto V has sold 1732918309281 million more!”.

This is how the development of GTA 6 has been influenced by the failure of the GTA Trilogy, according to Rockstar

That’s when I realize that I should never put an expectation on GTA V, because despite the fact that the title already has more than 8 years behind it, it is still in the top 5 best-selling games each year. I think we’ll never see something like this again, unless GTA 6 repeats the formula. In any case, I’m going to stop beating around the bush and let’s focus on GTA V and its new sales data.

The new sales data of GTA V and its comparison with other big franchises

I’ll be straight up front: GTA V has surpassed 160 million sales, being the best-selling game in history for some time now. This data was released in an investor call whose information was shared by DomsPlaying. But the famous journalist Jason Schreier wanted to put the icing on the cake with other rather curious data:

  • He wanted to compare the data of GTA V with that of other complete sagas ?
  • For example, the Assassin’s Creed franchise, a date of the end of 2020, sold 155 million among all its games, even so less than the Rockstar game despite the fact that this is only one ?
  • The entire Final Fantasy saga, as of the end of 2021, reached 164 million, slightly surpassing Grand Theft Auto V strong>?
  • And the entire Resident Evil franchise has sold 123 million copies?
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Taking this into account, it is clear that GTA V has exceeded anyone’s expectations. In fact, since we are talking about entire sagas, only the entire Grand Theft Auto has already sold more than 370 million copies. Yes, a savagery.