Next Level Games is in charge of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, it’s official

It’s official: Next Level Games is the studio in charge of developing Mario Strikers: Battle League Football. Announced during the Nintendo Direct this February, the return of the “soccer-like” sports saga will materialize at the hands of the Canadian studio, authors of the two previous installments of the Mario Strikers series. House brand. Next June the ball will start rolling again, this time on Nintendo Switch.

The information comes from Nintendo World Report, who, after contacting Nintendo of America, have had the answer fans were expecting after seeing the artistic and gameplay similarities in the first Mario Strikers trailer: Battle League Soccer. The video game is being “co-developed between Next Level Games and Nintendo”; as before.

No further details have been disclosed about the management or production team of the project, scheduled for its exclusive premiere for Nintendo Switch this June 10, 2022.Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football | Nintendo

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Next Level Games, Nintendo’s latest acquisition; authors of Luigi’s Mansion 3

Next Level Games is a studio based in Vancouver, Canada. Since its foundation in 2002, the team has been growing in human capital and experience; with commissions from publishers such as Midway Games, Activision, Ubisoft or Nintendo, with whom they signed their first job in the GameCube era with Super Mario Strikers (2005, GCN) and, two years later, Mario Strikers Charged (2007, Wii).

Nintendo’s confidence in the study led by Eric Randall has been growing proportionally over time. Punch Out!! (2009, Wii), Luigi’s Mansion 2 (2013), Metroid Prime: Federation Force (2016, 3DS) and Luigi’s Mansion 3 (2019, Nintendo Switch) ended up leading to a purchase by those from Kyoto that we met last month of January 2021; it became effective on March 1.Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Now we know what is the first video game of Next Level Games as a subsidiary studio of Nintendo; no longer as a second-party but as a first-party, in the same way that teams like Retro Studios or Monolith Soft do., the other two latest acquisitions of Nintendo studios far from their headquarters.

You can learn more about Mario Strikers: Battle League Football in this article. The game will go on sale in physical and digital format on June 10 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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