No Man’s Sky Devs Grant Joe Danger Fan’s Autistic Wish

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Many gamers know Hello Games from the No Man’s Sky story of failure and redemption but the studio’s history goes much deeper and part of its success was founded during the gaming boom for cell phones where they became known with Joe Danger. Precisely, this title that was thought to be forgotten gave something to talk about due to a formidable gesture on the part of the development team towards a small fan.

The great gesture of Hello Games for a fan of Joe Danger

A few days ago, Sean Murray, creative and founder of Hello Games, shared the communication he received from a father of an 8-year-old boy with autism who became a fan of Joe Danger . Precisely, this mobile game that debuted in the distant 2010 was a key piece for the relationship between father and son to find an optimal point of interaction because given the condition of the little one it was not something so easy. The above was reported by the boy’s father himself in an email to Hello Games, where he warned them that after the recent iOS update Joe Danger stopped working on the iPhone and the only option he had was to contact the studio to try to bring him back.

After receiving the email, Sean Murray shared it on his Twitter account and said he was embarrassed by the neglect of Joe Danger and the inevitable fate he had on mobile devices.

However, the case of the little fan of Joe Danger motivated the Hello Games team to do something immediately and surprisingly they re-launched the game for iOS and the best thing is that in a remastered version with some improvements that will ensure it lasts longer on digital platforms. As part of the announcement, Hello Games acknowledged that the mail received was the reason why they decided to return the title regardless of whether it represents a business for them or not because all they want is for the little fan to continue having fun and having a good relationship with his father.

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