No Man’s Sky rearms its battle system with news

Sentinel is the title of the new free update for No Man’s Sky, available on all versions of the game. One of the main novelties is that the battle system is improved with some additional features. From now on it will be possible to fight with a robotic partner. In addition, the weapon system is completely revamped, new stories are added, and the Sentinel enemies, which give the expansion its name, have their own combat patterns.

The Sentinels now have a new jetpack, which allows them to move around the battlefield in a “terrifying” way, they confirm on the official website. Now when players encounter them they will use new gadgets like energy shields or special grenades. In addition, they will be able to call robots like the aforementioned Hardframe, protected by a hard shell.

Graphic improvements and more

On the other hand, weapon effects have been completely redesigned. Hello Games has implemented the option to activate AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution, which allows you to optimize the product so that the image quality remains “impressive” without sacrificing fast refresh rates. “All PC gamers can benefit from this new technology, which allows increased performance regardless” of the graphics card they have.

No Man’s Sky was released in 2016 first on PS4 and PC. Complaints during the launch focused on comments about broken promises. However, since then, the studio has been immersed in the development of free updates and expansions, which have brought the product closer to what was initially promised. Hello Games’ work is also available on PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Coming soon, in the summer, it will also be released on Nintendo Switch.

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