Nothing’s CEO may have inadvertently leaked the company’s next gadget

Pei has posted a series of cryptic tweets making statements like: Going back to Android and Android 12 is nice. In addition, the official Android and Snapdragon Twitter accounts have also responded to Pei’s tweet, suggesting a three-way partnership, is a phone coming?

Launching a smartphone, something that all followers of the brand would see as the logical step, would really be a novelty, since so far the London company Nothing has only one product under its belt, the Nothing Ear 1 headphones, which we analyzed a few months ago.

Of course, and for those who know a bit of industry history, this will not be the first time for Carl Pei, who led OnePlus for more than seven years before founding Nothing in 2020.

There’s only been one rumor about a Nothing smartphone to date, so there’s no telling what the company is up to. Some media reported that Nothing would launch a smartphone in early 2022. However, no further details were given at the time.

Pei had also published another suggestive tweet a few days ago, in which he asked his followers about their favorite Android-based operating system. Which would indicate that Nothing is working on its own version of Android, or looking to adopt one that is already on the market.

In any case, it’s too early to speculate on a Nothing phone. We literally know nothing about it. If the company is preparing an Android phone, it would be interesting to see what it has learned from its previous experience at OnePlus.

If we had to venture out, we could undoubtedly say that Nothing is one of the companies that generates the most expectation among fans, its possible mobile being one of the gadgets that arouses the most curiosity among followers and lovers of the Android ecosystem.