There are 195 total countries in the world and out of which 162 countries have reported coronavirus patients. The situation is getting worst day by day because till yet the novel coronavirus has affected 1 lac 80 thousand peoples and more than 8 thousand deaths have been reported worldwide.

Situation of China and Asia

In the beginning, only China and its cities were badly affected, but because of their tireless efforts in fighting against coronavirus have produced great results and today we see in China the ratio of sick persons getting low, even China has switched off the hospital which was additionally made only to isolate those peoples who are affected with the disease. Asian countries are underdeveloped, they do not have much resource that they can fight and survive against the coronavirus. Because of this IMF (International Monetary Fund) and Asian Trading bank has announced to give the relief fund in sense of Aid to the un develop countries like Iran and others. Iran is most infected because America has already imposed many strict sanctions on Iran since 1980.

Situation of Europe

After China, Europe has infected very badly with such cruel virus. Italy is facing a highly intensive outbreak of coronavirus nowadays. On each day more than 200 peoples are dying due to severe infections and also more new cases are reporting in different hospitals very rapidly in Italy. Spain’s situation is at number second with respect to deaths and sick people in Europe. Infectious disease is spreading its roots in London, Iran, America, Tokyo, and UAE at a very fast speed.

As per earlier reports whole Italy has been locked and the government is providing basic necessitates of life to their people, number of patients is increasing each day even now the Italy is facing a shortage of hospitals, wards, and medical staff problems. Although the Chinese government has tackled the problem to maximum extant and now has sent their medical teams to Italy for the sake of saving peoples in Italy.