Now you can watch for free on Pluto TV the science fiction series that has disappeared from Netflix

Streaming platforms seem to have come to offer us a variety of content never seen before, but few take into account many of the problems with the operation of these content platforms.

And, by having series and movies on demand, we can think that they will always be available. The reality is very different, in fact, over the last few years what we have seen are situations in which series disappear overnight.

The best example of this is what It has happened to Netflix recently, this popular streaming content platform had the Star Trek Discovery series for a while. But the time is up and now it is no longer available.

That yes, it is not necessary to throw the hands to the head. The series has not completely disappeared and any user can watch it for free thanks to Pluto TV. This series will be freely available to anyone.

The only essential thing is to enter Pluto TV at a specific time. The time at which the different episodes will be released is 9:00 p.m. every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This way of watching a series is quite different from traditional platforms.

In fact, it is very reminiscent of general television. But, personally, it is much more attractive by generating the need to be in front of the screen at those times during those days to be able to enjoy said series.

The channel in the one that will be available this series will be on Pluto TV Sci-Fi, it can be accessed directly from this link. The best thing that Pluto TV has done with this series for its content catalog is being able to enjoy it completely free of charge.

We will have to wait to see how Netflix responds to these and , is that, science fans are in luck to be able to enjoy a series of such quality on a free platform and with an application that works quite well.