Before embarking on the visits, take the time to size your real estate project.

How to accurately calculate the area to rent?

To avoid unnecessary m² of office space, focus on your current situation. Rive Gauche CBRE lists you the essential questions to ask yourself in the pre-project phase and thus build your specifications .

  • Building analysis

First consider the type of construction. Is it an old or new building? Then calculate the area of ??the common areas . How many square meters represent the hall, the corridors, the stairs, the gardens or the parking area?

  • Operation mode analysis

Take into account your needs, your business specificities which can condition particular working methods. Should we favor open-space, partitioned offices or do you need both? Learn more about nekretnine.

The activity of your SME also determines the functions that your premises must allow. Do you need to receive customers? Do you need reception areas, waiting rooms or closed offices to ensure confidentiality?

Finally, be sure to respect the characteristics linked to the organization chart of your company. Who works with whom? What are the close relationships to be respected between entities/departments?

  • Projection

Anticipate your recruitments according to your growth prospects. it is relevant to stick to the deadlines of your lease and not remain locked into your immediate needs. Are you going to face a reorganization? In 3, 6, 9 years?

Beware of m² per employee ratios . 250 m² for 20 people is never true! It all depends on the area used for the calculation, is it gross or net usable area? The figure basically depends on your industry. For example, 20 lawyers may need 800 m², when 20 developers can certainly fit on a 300 m² platform!

The common error is to forget in its calculation: circulations, technical rooms, reprography, supplies, reception … Indeed, the necessary office surface is much greater than the sum of the m² for the staff and the meeting rooms. meetings.

The surface you are going to sign determines your rent and your charges. The profitability of the operation therefore depends on the number of m² leased. This pre-project mission should not be neglected because it is one of the keys that will make your transfer a success. Note that this process is facilitated by professional support.

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