On this website you get open source alternatives to software and services that companies use in their day to day

Free and open source software is something that is quite abundant, and there are also a few sites that host lots of projects to find alternatives to proprietary software or more popular paid services.

Something like this is what they are looking for on this website of the marketing platform btw and which they have simply called “Open Source Alternatives”. The detail here is that the list they have curated is specifically oriented to showing open source alternatives to popular B2B tools.

More than 200 alternatives to tools that businesses need for their day to day

The site is organized into categories and also has a search engine. Each category is on a card and below it the number of alternatives they have added so far. At the moment there are just over 200 options.

Its creators say they have tried to focus on projects whose development remains active, and on each tool’s page you can read when the last update the project received on GitHub was.

A good option to help you find open source tools for a business or organization

What is the difference between Free Software and Open Source?

What is the difference between Free Software and Open Source?

The site offers direct links to the official website of each product (if they have one) and also to the site where the code is hosted (usually GitHub). They also show screenshots and a description with the main features, important clients, prices, and segments of some reviews with pros and cons.

In addition to the organization by categories, each program also has relevant labels with the name of each private or paid option that they can replace. In fact, you can browse the site directly looking for “Slack alternatives”, or “Trello alternatives”, “Google Analytics alternatives”, etc. It is a good resource to have on hand and discover new open source projects that can be useful for a business or organization.