On which platforms can you see the 5 finalists for Best Film of the Goya 2022

On February 12, next Saturday, the Goya 2022 Awards ceremony will take place, which this year finally brings back the public and the live awards ceremonies.

Five films aspire to win the most coveted award: Best Film of the Year. So that you can give your opinion with criteria and make the jury green for awarding the awards to the films that you do not like, you still have time to see the five candidates for Best Film at the Goya 2022.

So you can enjoy the awards gala knowing who is who, and check if the awards for best film, director, actors, etc., are adjusted to what you have seen, or to your tastes.

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to watch all the movies you want, as movies hit streaming platforms right away. But this is not the case with Spanish cinema, which takes longer to premiere on TV.

Let’s check where we can see the candidates for Best Film at the Goya 2022 awards.

The good boss

With 20 Nominations and 20 Nominations for the Goya, it is the most nominated film in the history of the awards.

Básculas Blanco, an industrial scale production company in a provincial city, awaits the visit of a commission on which it depends to obtain a local award for Business Excellence: things must be perfect for that moment.

However, everything seems to conspire against it. In the short time available, Blanco (Bardem) tries to restore the lost balance to his company: he tries to solve the problems of his employees, crossing all imaginable lines.

The Good Patron can currently be enjoyed only in theaters. It will premiere on Movistar Plus+ in the month of May.

Libertad, by Clara Roquet

After a long time without meeting at their summer house, the Vidal family spends their last vacations with their grandmother Ángela, who suffers from Alzheimer’s advanced.

For the first time in her life, Nora (14), feels that she doesn’t find her place: children’s games seem ridiculous to her and adult conversations are still great for her. But everything changes with the arrival of Libertad (15), the daughter of Rosana, the Colombian woman who takes care of Ángela.

Rebellious and magnetic, Libertad becomes the gateway to a different summer for Nora. and the two girls quickly forge an intense and lopsided friendship. Together they leave the bubble of protection and comfort that the family home represents and discover a new world in which Nora feels freer than ever.

Libertad, by Clara Roquet is is showing in theaters, and will arrive at Movistar Plus+ in March.

The good pattern

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Parallel Mothers

8 nominations and 16 candidatures.

Two women, Janis and Ana, meet in a hospital room where they are going to give birth. They are both single and accidentally got pregnant.

Janis, middle-aged, has no regrets and in the hours before giving birth she is full; the other, Ana, is a teenager and is scared, remorseful and traumatized.

Janis tries to cheer her up as they sleepwalk through the hospital hallway. The few words that they exchange in those hours will create a very close bond between the two, which chance will develop and complicate in such a resounding way that it will change the lives of both.

Parallel mothers can be enjoyed in theaters, and will be available on Netflix on February 18.


14 nominations and 18 candidacies.

Maixabel Lasa lost her husband, Juan María Jaúregui, in 2000, assassinated by ETA. Eleven years later, she receives an unusual request: one of the men who killed him has asked to meet with her in the Nanclares de la Oca prison in Álava, where he is serving a sentence after having broken his ties with the terrorist group.

Despite doubts and immense pain, Maixabel Lasa agrees to meet face to face with the people who killed the person who had been her partner since she was 16 years old.

“All the The world deserves a second chance,” she says when asked why she is sitting in front of the man who killed her husband.

Maixabel is still available in theaters . She can also be seen on Movistar Plus + on February 11.

Pain and glory

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7 nominations, 16 applications.

Autumn 2015. Two rescuers, Oscar (Eduard Fernández) and Gerard (Dani Rovira), travel to Lesbos (Greece) impacted by the photograph of a child drowned in the waters of the Mediterranean. Upon arrival they discover an overwhelming reality: every day thousands of people risk their lives at sea fleeing from armed conflicts without anyone carrying out rescue work.

Together with Esther (Anna Castillo) and Nico (Sergi López) they will create a rescue team with which they will try to deal with the situation and will inevitably make visible a reality that affects all of Europe.

Mediterranean it is a battle for survival, a fight in which every life counts.

Mediterráneo can still be found in theaters, although in very few theaters. It has been released this week on Movistar Plus + for free. It can also be found for rent on Filmin and Rakuten TV.