One dead and 3 injured by car that fell into the Sumapaz River

A minor lost her life in the middle of a traffic accident that occurred at the height of the Devil’s Nose, on the road that connects to Melgar with Bogotá, where a car with 4 passengers fell into the waters of the Sumapaz River.

It is a Renault vehicle with license plates HQK-184, private service, which carried 4 passengers and was driven by Michael Stiven Alarcón, who was injured with polytraumatisms throughout his body.

Another of the injured is Juan Manuel Estupiñan Rodríguez, who suffered fractures in his left arm and shoulder.

José Santiago Espitia Delgado, a passenger on the vehicle.
The Tolima Traffic Police indicated that a minor lost her life in the accident and died at the scene.

“The causes, it seems, are related to the loss control of the vehicle due to the wet floor,” said the Police.

Firefighters and the Tolima Traffic Police were in charge of rescuing the injured and transferring them to clinical centers in Melgar and Girardot.