Opera now allows you to type web addresses that contain only emojis ???

Opera has just announced that its browser now claims to be “the first to allow the use of emoji-based web addresses“. The feature is basically this, the option to type a string of emojis in the URL bar and access a website.

For this they have made an agreement with Yat, a company that sells strings of emojis for you to use as personalized addresses. A “Yat” is basically a single page or domain that is generated from a custom string of emojis. It’s as if instead of typing Genbeta.com I could just type something like ??? to enter this website.

The first browser to support fully emoji-based URLs

Opera isn’t really the only browser that allows you to use emojis in a URL, from any modern browser you can enter an address like y.at/?? for example. Now, Opera is the first to allow you to enter only emojis to go to a website.

This is how, at least for now, only from opera you could go to that same website just by typing ?? in the browser’s address bar, without having to type the “y.at/” that is necessary to go to a domain with emojis.

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From now on, emojis embedded in web pages now automatically link to the corresponding Yat page. This works on both mobile and desktop versions of Opera. So copying (from anywhere) and pasting a string of emojis registered in Opera opens the corresponding website.