Oscar Isaac left Denis Villeneuve a souvenir of his nude scene in Dune

Dune is a film that we remember mainly for the eternal deserts of Arrakis and for how handsome Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya were. . But Denis Villeneuve left us another great scene to remember that will never be the same after you read this news.

If you remember, there is a specific moment between the more than two hours that the film lasts in the one in which Oscar Isaac appears naked while playing Duke Leto Atreides. Stellan Skarsgård in the role of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen sure was very happy with the scene, but not as happy as Denis Villeneuve himself.

On The Awardist, from Entertainment Weekly, Oscar Isaac talked about how it was the shooting of that scene of Dune in which he appeared naked . He remembers as “ terrifying ” everything that surrounded that moment in which Leto Atreides was before Vladimir Harkonnen .

The character had been stripped of his clothes, although at first he was thinking about not doing so. “No, I should be naked, man,” said Oscar Isaac. “It’s like the moment of Christ on the cross. So we came up with some ideas about what his stance would be.

This is what Baron Harkonnen’s armor was going to look like in Dune

 In order not to be completely naked on the set, Oscar Isaac had a sock that covered his penis. “At one point, when Denis wasn’t looking, I might have left my penis sock in his pocket, just so he’d have a little bit of me by his side when I left. ,” Isaac joked. “Just a little moldy handkerchief.”

But if you weren’t really interested in Duke Leto Atreides but Baron Harkonnen, we invite you to go through this news to see the conceptual arts that Jerad S. Marantz made for Denis Villeneuve’s film.Spoiler, Vladimir Harkonnen is as naked as Oscar Isaac.