Pakistan News and Channel’s List in Country

Pakistan News channel evolution 

In the last 5 to 10 years, the Pakistan news and broadcasting agencies have evolved too much and have gained its maximum strength/status. Ten to fifteen years ago, only a few news channels were operating within a region, and PTV (Pakistan Television) was the only one whose transmissions were above all. Through the time, PTV has evolved much, and today it broadcast News in multiple languages, including English.

Today, there are numerous news channels and TV shows that show a positive image of the country, but still, we see some reporters and anchors that not only violate the SOPs of News telecasting but also change the words or sentences according to their desired policies to ruin the status of Pakistani nation. The newly elected government of PTI has made laws and policies for such types of TV channels, social media platforms, and print media agencies. Know more about Pakistan History.

The Pakistani news channels are divided into two major categories, and one group is in the majority and telecast news in the national language. At the same time, the other class belongs to the regional or domestic level i.e., they run News and current affairs in the different internal languages (Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, and Pashto). There are approximately 30-40 total news channels in the country and operating from different cities, and below we are sharing a list of them all:

Pakistan News channels list

  • PTV News
  • ARY News & Entertainment 
  • Samaa TV
  • Duniya 
  • Geo TV 
  • Waqt
  • Aaj
  • 24 News HD
  • Khyber News
  • 92 News
  • Neo news
  • Haq TV
  • Such TV
  • KTN  
  • Capital TV
  • Channel 5
  • Lahore News
  • Metro one News
  • Awaaz TV

All above are the prominent names of the Pakistan news industry and telecasting News under the observation of PEMRA. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority came into existence to monitor all news channels’ ongoing affairs and avoid outspreading false News. In 2008, when military forces took charge and declared the emergency in the country, and exerted sanctions on all news channels and media industry, then many famous anchors and editors of Newspapers came forward together and launched a campaign against the dictatorship, they had hold protests at different regional and corporate levels to practice their democratic rights (freedom of speech).

Several famous anchors and social activists belong to the Pakistan who has received immense appreciation and praise at an international stage through their most exceptional skills and the marvelous work they have done for freedom of journalism in the country. Pakistan’s freed media is an excellent example to prove the country a real democrat state where an individual is free to express thoughts and emotions without hurting any other’s dignity. In a country, hitting governments’ institutions, private/local organizations, and other beings through words or moves is strictly prohibited on media and current rulers of the state, making norms/policies to restrict social media also to abide by any uncertainty.