Paola Jara revealed what her relationship with Jessi Uribe’s family is like

Social media has helped fans learn more about their idols and form closer bonds with them. With the inclusion of the ‘stickers’ in Instagram stories, celebrities have been able to answer different questions that are all the rage in the world of entertainment.

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The turn this time was for the popular music singer, Paola Jara, who through her Instagram published a story in which her followers and friends could respond with a curiosity about her.

One of the questions asked by the public was about her relationship with the family and children of the singer, Jessi Uribe, current partner of the 38-year-old interpreter. In the question box you could read: “Do you get along with Jessi’s family and her children?”, to which the singer of ‘Salud por el’ replied: “They are also my family”, accompanied by a photograph of the Family of Uribe and her in what seems to be a sleepover.

The publication was well received by the followers of the stars, since in their photographs they commented on how they hope this relationship will last.

Statements by Luna Uribe

It is worth mentioning that on a previous occasion, Jessi Uribe’s eldest daughter, Luna Uribe, who has more than 70 thousand followers on Instagram, had already referred to what her relationship with the singer was like .

(Can’t see in app? See image here)

Through stories, Luna answered questions from Internet users through a ‘sticker’ with a question mark. The girl’s statements were forceful, since they first asked her what her relationship with Paola Jara was like, to which she replied: “Beautiful”.

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Of course, besides, I’m not the one to accept or not those kinds of decisions

Furthermore, to other questions such as why she didn’t ask Jessi to make a happy home like before, the little girl answered that she didn’t because now she doesn’t he had not one happy home, but two. Finally, one of her followers asked: “Do you accept Paola Jara as your dad’s girlfriend?” to which she replied: “Of course, besides, I’m not the one to accept or not accept that type of decision.” can see in the app? See the image here)